The mission of the Alabama Asset Building Coalition is to promote and support programs, policies and initiatives in the state of Alabama that lead to asset building and economic security. The Alabama Asset Building Coalition (AABC) is a statewide 501c 3 nonprofit that has organized to promote financial stability for individuals and families. By encouraging savings, financial education and other wealth building programs, the coalition strives to build an economic foundation that will allow the underserved residents in Alabama to reach their highest potential and strengthen their financial future.

AABC provides and promotes tools, products, training, and expertise to assist community-based organizations, public officials, and the general public that leads to the creation and the increase of individual and family asset building and retention within low-mod communities.

AABC’s website invites you to learn more about our organization’s wealth building activities in other areas such as children savings, homeownership, training events, business development and free tax preparation services. We are sure that you will find the importance of our mission and the need to address the critical elements that leads to vibrant and sustainable neighborhoods.