We believe that the core essential ingredient to asset building is financial education. In past years, our society has not put enough emphasis on educating the general public on financial matters, leaving much of our adult and K thru 12 population with significant financial education deficits.

AABC is partnering with the FDIC in promoting its ?Money Smart? financial education curriculum; helping to conduct is ?train the trainer? programs; training nonprofit groups, financial institutions, churches, government agencies, college universities and others to teach financial education to the community. For more information of the FDIC?s ?Money Smart? curriculum and its Alliance for Economic Inclusion.

AABC is also targeting the Alabama Colleges and Universities through Freshman Financial Forums. With its financial institutions and bank regulatory agency partners, AABC is educating many of our Alabama college students across the state. These forums teach basic banking education, the proper use of credit cards and the dangers of ?identity theft?.