As the Executive Director of the Alabama Asset Building Coalition (AABC) it is truly an honor to be associated with an organization committed to helping Alabama families confronted with wealth challenges. AABC’s work in the area of assets building, financial education and policy has been critical to the stability of families across Alabama. While AABC has accomplished a great deal along with its program partners there remain so much to be done to help bring many Alabama families out of a life of poverty. We will continue striving to help lead a charge that moves individuals and families toward the attainment of financial stability and prosperity. By encouraging savings, financial education, and other wealth building programs, we are helping to build an economic foundation that allows underserved residents to reach their highest potential and strengthen their financial future.

We extend to you an opportunity to join this important crusade of “support and service” to poverty-stricken communities. Please contact me at [email protected] to learn more about how we can help improve the lives of those Alabamians sequestered to a life of poverty.