After an extensive search process, the Alabama Assets Building Coalition (AABC) is pleased to announce Kenneth Walker as the new Executive Director of the statewide wealth building organization.  Mr. Walker brings to the organization more than 28 years of experience in community and economic development programs across Alabama.

 “I am deeply honored to have AABC’s trust and appreciative for this respected team of board members and professional staff’s commitment to AABC.  While the organization has accomplished a great deal for the state citizenry and has financially supported other community-service organizations across Alabama over the past several years, big challenges remain on the horizon as we seek to improve the lives for more Alabamians.  This position will allow me the opportunity to help the organization lead financially fragile individuals and families toward the attainment of financial stability and prosperity.   By encouraging savings, financial education, and other wealth building programs, we strive to build an economic foundation that allows underserved residents of Alabama to reach their highest potential and strengthen their financial future.”

Mr. Walker’s background includes twenty-seven years of overseeing business and economic development programs, providing technical and managerial support to state governments and small businesses.  He has managed business development programs for the US Small Business Administration, Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration and the US Department of Agriculture other federal relate programs.  He has worked throughout Alabama developing and implementing economic and workforce development programs and strategic plans to help communities overcome obstacles impeding economic growth.

He is a member of Leadership Alabama 2015 Class and received the Minority Access National Role Models Awards for his exemplary achievement in expanding opportunities for others and for his commitment as a university administrator in the area of diversity.  Mr. Walker is also a Kellogg Management Fellow at the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Mr. Walker is a Certified Housing Education Trainer and has collaborated with Alabama’s cities/towns in comprehensive, long-rang planning for affordable housing and homeownership.  He has worked to help link community strategies with city goals for neighborhood revitalization, economic development and the elimination of poverty. 

He is a graduate of Alabama State University with a B.S. in Public Relations and a Masters of Human Resource Management from Troy University.   Mr. Walker has been married to Lawanna Whatley for twenty-three years, and they have two children Melissa and Orlando.

Contact information: Kenneth Walker, Executive Director Alabama Asset Building Coalition

201 Beacon Parkway West - Suite 207 Birmingham, Al 35209Phone:  205-731-4000

Email:  [email protected]